fleur-tiny      EXPAT '72, 1st - 12th Sept 1972 

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EXPAT 1972
Staff duties

Staff duties at Exrat '72 and items to be tackled now. This list is naturally open ended, but staff should commence preparations and arrangements now.


Reveille - 2 Sept.
Breakfast inspections
Wide Game - 6 Sept.
Tracking - 8 Sept. (with P.J.)
Wind-up 9 - 10 Sept
Assist with Administration, inspections, etc.
Continue 1973 expedition.
Maintain contact Rhod. Air Force

D. Cunningham.

Laundry arrangements (also 1 Sept.)
With F.F. prepare food requirements and obtain.
Obtain and ensure supply of equipment as per original list
Ensure breakfast rations for patrols
Ensure hike rations for patrols
Ensure maps/compasses for patrols
Ensure supply of equipment for sessions as programmed
Night rescue - 4 Sept
Maps - with J.C. 5 Sept.
Backwoods Rations - 5 Sept.
Reveille - 8 Sept
Wind-up Rations 9 Sept


Ensure supply all transport requirements for participants to and from G.P.
Ensure transport for all activities.
Fnsurc transport for ration runs to town.
Obtain bulk petrol supplies (Mobil)
Meet trains. Arrange departures.
Check train bookings.
Tranport to billets.
Transport to hike sites - 3 Sept.
Transport for hikers - 3 Sept.
Camp fires (C.W.)
Wide Game Transport - 6 Sept.
Ravens Hill (C.W with D.A.)
Athletics (H.F.)10 Sept.
World's View Visit10 Sept.


Drill Hall for arrivals
Arrange dinner.
Arrange billets.
Holy Communion - Scouts Own. 3 Sept. (with D.B.)
Ravens Hill
Food Storage (with N.S.) 5 Sept.
Evacuation (with P.J.)6 Sept.
Film 6 Sept.
Shopping, etc 11 Sept


J.Winch - Assau1t Course, Bushcraft.
Holy Communion/Scouts Own 3 Sept.
Hygiene4 Sept.
Scouts Own 10 Sept.


G.P. functioning. Staff accommodation.


Lead hike tutors - Scott, Murphy, Felgate, Pardoe plus extras
Food storage (with D.A.) 5 Sept
Backwoods meal 5 Sept


Bush first Aid - First Aid Euipment
Ambulance Room

F.E. Fulton

Arrange catering team.
Prepare menus
Ensure. requirements (with D.C.)
All Staff meals.
Participant meals as programmed


All administration.
Dr. Child, B.S.A.P. S/Lewis
Programme maintenance.
Duties per programme.
Suppliers' contact.
Attend visitors.
Nominal Rolls.
Participant correspondence.

J.Horn, H.Parry-Jones, J.Plenderlieth.

As per programme plus extras at Expat.
J.P. to handle all secretarial work.
J.P. to assist newspapers.

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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully and carefully filed these unique notes away for safe keeping.