Jota 1977, Bulawayo Chronicle, Sunday news reporter.
Guides Join Scouts on Air
For the first time, Girl Guides in Bulawayo took part in the annual Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air which began yesterday and continues today at the Hillside Dams. About 110 local scouts and Guides exchanged greetings with scout groups all over the world when radio call sign ZE1JAM went on the air at 9:45am yesterday.
The first radio contacts were made with Durban and by afternoon 18 stations, including a Japaneese ship in the Arabian Sea, radio stations in Brazil, Russia, and in the Ukraine had been contacted. The Scouts and Guides had talks from experts on various aspects of communication and took part in discussions and practical exercises. Mr Des Classen, who is incharge of the JOTA station said the transmitter will be kept open as long as conditions permit.
All Rhodesian Jamboree-on-the-air stations will link up this morning, followed by more discussions and practical exercises. The Jamboree ends at 5pm today.