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Notes of a meeting of Scouters held at 8.00pm on Monday 19th July 1971 at P.H.Q.

Mr D. Fyfe
Mr G. Caw
Mr M. George
Mr J. Carlisle
Mr H. Felgate
Mr F & Mrs E. Fulton
Rev D. Bird
Mr N. Scott
Mr D. Cunningham

Apologies:- Mr D. Anderson

Report by the Director of Projects and Programs:
Mr Carlisle discussed his programme which was distributed at the meeting. He folloowed that the Programme, if offered to about 100 scouts, could provide difficulties with tutors, the hike, wide game, and maybe with instruction. After considering these problems, it was agreed that
a) Donald Bird would discuss the matter with Mr J. Winch
b) Dave Fyfe would follow up the subject of tutors with members of the Outward Bound Association.
c) Jack Carlisle would discuss the matters with Senior Scouts of the 8th Bulawayo group and
d) Hudson Felgate would discuss the matter with Cedric Tipping-Wood.

Action to be taken on Programme:-

a) Hike routes and wide game to be considered by small sub-committee.
b) Gordon Caw to contact experts who may be able to give specialised instruction eg. abseiling by John Stakesby-Lewis, Bush Craft and survival by Mr Allen Savory M.P. and B.S.A.P.
c) Consideration to be given to the shop at Gordon Park catering for any emergency supplies required by scouts attending EXPAT.
d) All members of committee to consider Mr Carlisle's programme and to report on any possible ammendments at the next meeting.
e) Mr George Gibson to be invited to join the training staff and to investigate the possibility of borrowing prismatic compasses from Plumtree School.

Report by Director of Transport:

Hudson Felgate reported that he had experienced difficulty in obtaining the use of Land Rovers, but that he had obtained reasonable success with other means of transport. eg. Wards Transport have offered a truck for the duration of EXPAT free of charge provided a) The Scout Assocciation obtain the neccessary permit for the vehicle to carry passengers, b) the Scout Association take out insurance to cover the Scouts. This still costs about $10 per week. Wards would also be prepared to provide a driver at a cost to the Movement of $25 per week.

Action to be taken on Transport
a) Hudson Felgate to see Cedric Tipping-wood about the use of his Land Rover. Other Landrover Possibilities: Dave Fyfe to discuss with Brigadier Prentice. Mike George to discuss with Brigadier Edwards.
b) Dave Fyfe to discuss possibilities with Mike Coley of Coley Hall.
c) Hudson Felgate to discuss transport matters with John Russell of Russell Construction ltd.
d) Hudson Felgate to investigate the possibilities of borrowing 1/2 - 1 ton vehicles. NB it is estimated that all in costs would approximate $3.00 per head.

Report from Camp Editor:

Norman Scott advised on two possible newspaper productions:-
a) A publication of the Chronicle or Sunday News about the size of the "sports supplement" - included in the newspaper as a special Scouting supplement, the format to be maily photographs with a few articles by such people as the P.C. and the Mayor. Mr Scott has a photographer interested in the project and he expressed the hope that the publication could be financed from advertisements.

b) A far simpler production with a duplicator.

After discussion during which it was felt that owners of Rota Printing machinary would be prepared to assist (Rhodesia Railways, Municipality) it was agreed that Norman Scott take the following action:-
i) Discuss his proposals with the Chronicle and Sunday News.
ii) Investigate a format that can be produced on the Rota Print.

4. Report of the Director of Catering and Food Supplies

Frieda Fulton estimated food costs at $1.25 per day per boy. Taking into account transport costs and other costs, it was agreed that the charge for EXPAT could not be less than $20.00 per head, however publicity will, at a future date, indicate the possibility of subsidization by group committees.
Action to be taken:
Gordon Caw to approach the following concerns with a view to obtaining price reductions:- Lever Bros.; Leibigs, Wightmans and Rhodesian Oxygen for the loan of Gas cooking equipment.

5. Report of the Director of Equipment and Supplies:

Mr Cunningham reported that he had drawn up initial lists of equipment that would be required, but with the proposed program now available be would be able to produce a more comprehensive list.

Action to be taken:
Mr Cunningham to proceed with the preperation of detailed equipment requirements and liaise with Mr M. George.

6. Report of the Director of Public Relations and Fund Raising:

Mr Caw reported, on behalf of Mr Anderson, that Round Table and the J.C. were interested in the 1973 expedition and that there was a possibility of the Shell Oil Co. giving assistance in South West Africa. After further discussion regarding the 1973 expedition, in conjunction with D.Fyfe's expedition memorandum, it was agreed that Dave Fyfe investigate the possibilities of going to South West Africa in 1973.

Date of Next Meeting:-
It was decided to hold the next meeting of the committee on the 4th October. However as Gordon Caw will be on leave at this time, and as Mr Carlisle will be away for Septemeber, will as many members as possible please attend a committee meeting at PHQ on Monday 23rd August at 8pm.

Further more, in order to keep committee members fully informed of all developments will Directors prepare interim memorandums for circulation to the committee. If neccessary, the Provincial Secretary can be asked to type and distribute these memorandums.

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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully and carefully filed these unique notes away for safe keeping.